Request for disability seating form

Request disability seating at Commencement

Please read through the following information thoroughly to determine whether a request for tickets in the disabilities area is right for your friends and family.

For guests with disabilities, there is a designated seating section at the Commencement Exercises. This reserved section is located up front to the right of the stage with an unobstructed view and it is in a shaded area, with wheelchair-accessible bathrooms nearby. If someone in your family requires special assistance, you may wish to request tickets in the disability seating section. Seating in this area will be by reservation only and special tickets (for up to four guests) will be issued instead of the standard tickets.

Guests seated in this reserved section will need to remain seated at all times throughout the ceremony. There will be no standing for viewing purposes allowed, as this obstructs the view of those who are unable to stand. Please keep this in mind as you determine whether a request for tickets in this area is right for your family.

All graduates to be awarded a degree at the Commencement Exercises are permitted up to four (4) guest tickets; seating in the disability seating section does not change the number of tickets the student is allowed. The four ticket holders in the group are allowed to sit together in this section.

There is a guest drop-off area at the entrance to Killian Court. Student Disability Services will have ambassadors and wheelchairs available for guests who need assistance to their seats. NOTE: These chairs will be used solely to transport guests to and from the accessible seating sections. For more accessibility information, please see our list of services and resources.

To request tickets in the Disability Seating section, please fill out the webform below.

If you have questions, please contact the Student Disability Services at 617-253-1674 or email


More than one person in your party may have accessibility or other needs; please list names of all who will require assistance.
Please note there is a maximum of four (4) tickets per family.
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