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From the Faculty Marshal

This section is for Professors (all levels of appointment), Adjunct Professors (all levels of appointment), and Professors of the Practice (all levels of appointment). Information and registration for Senior Lecturers may be found here.

Dear faculty colleagues:

I'd like to extend many thanks to those who participated in the Commencement 2015 festivities. We continue to have good support from our faculty at this exciting time of year, and it means a lot to our students, who really appreciate your being there to congratulate them. Many new alumni often remark on how special it was to them to see Professor xxx there as they walked up and over to receive a diploma.

Thank you to those who registered to participate in the Hooding and Commencement Ceremonies. If you did not register to participate and wish to, registration has closed, but it may be possible to still include you—please contact Kimberly Nelson directly. Details about both ceremonies are being finalized. For further information, I refer you to the frequently asked questions within this website. If you have questions or suggestions, please send them to

I look forward to working with you in our wonderful celebrations.

Paul A. Lagace
Faculty Marshal