Guests | Doctoral Hooding

Hooding Ceremony

Please join us for the Investiture of Doctoral Hoods on Thursday, June 8, 2017, at 10 am. All are invited; no tickets are required.


The Hooding Ceremony will take place on June 8 at 10 am. We recommend reviewing all arrangements and security measures with your party in advance so everyone knows what to expect. Security details will be finalized and made available on this website the week prior to Commencement.

Guests are advised to allow enough time to arrive and be seated before the Academic Procession enters the Johnson Athletics Center. The guest entrance to the Johnson Athletics Center is next to the Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center. Those who will require assistance accessing the venue may be dropped off on the Vassar Street side of the building. Staff will be present and able to help guests from there to the Johnson Athletics Center.

Guests are asked to consider the appearance of some objects and leave anything that could be perceived as dangerous at home or in their hotel rooms. Large bags, large objects, selfie sticks, wrapped gifts, pocketknives or similar sharp objects, and glass bottles or containers are prohibited. Diaper bags and purses are permitted, but please note that all items taken into the Johnson Athletics Center are subject to search and that MIT will not accept responsibility for storing items that are not permitted inside the venue.

Guests are advised to carry government-issued photo ID with them to campus. Acceptable forms of ID are driver’s licenses, state ID cards, or passports.


The Johnson Athletics Center, MIT Building W34

Tickets and seating

Tickets are not required for the Hooding Ceremony and seating is unassigned.


Limited on-campus parking will be available; locations will be listed on these pages at the end of May.


The Johnson Athletics Center is adjacent to the Stratton Student Center, which offers several dining options. Department receptions are held after the ceremony.

Guests with disabilities

Please contact Student Disabilities Services in advance so that we know that you are attending the Hooding Ceremony. Those who will require assistance accessing the venue may be dropped off on the Vassar Street side of the building. Staff will be present and able to help guests from there to the Johnson Athletics Center.

Staff with wheelchairs will be on hand to assist you and your party. Assistance will be offered after the ceremony, as well. Please call us at 617-253-1674, TTY 617-253-3194, or email

The restrooms in the Johnson Athletics Center are wheelchair-accessible.

Assistive listening devices are available in the lobby.

Photographs from Hooding

There is no designated area from which guests may take photographs or videotape during the Hooding Ceremony. Guests are requested to keep in mind the experience of all the families present and to remain seated until the conclusion of the ceremony so as not to block the view of others. There is no standing on seats or blocking of aisles permitted at any time.

Professional photographers (Commencement Photos, Inc.) will take pictures of each recipient of a Doctoral degree hood at the time of presentation at the Hooding Ceremony. Details are available online and information are mailed directly to advanced degree candidates from Commencement Photos, Inc. in early May. If you have questions about the photography, please contact the company by phone 978-851-5924 or email

We are not indifferent to the need to have photos available right away...this is a big day in the lives of degree candidates and families. Certainly, you will want to have something to send to friends and relatives. Guests should please note that you will be able to pose with your family in front of the stage after the ceremony.

Ordering a DVD

Video of the 2017 Hooding Ceremony may be ordered from MIT Video Productions. Guests will not be permitted to set up video cameras in the aisles—the best way to get a video is to order the DVD. More information will be made available this spring. Note: If you'd like to order a DVD of the 2016 Hooding Ceremony, you may still order online.


We are always delighted to see children at the Hooding Ceremony. To make sure that everyone enjoys the day, please keep these things in mind:

  • The ceremony is ~2 hours long (depending on the number of hood recipients). Children may become bored or hungry. Feel free to bring quiet toys and snacks for them.
  • Children are not permitted to join the Procession or a parent on stage when s/he receives a hood. We acknowledge the concessions made by family members in the years preceding this day, but we must consider the experience of all degree candidates and restrict children to the guest seating section.

Thank you.

After the ceremony

Individual department receptions are held after the Hooding Ceremony. Please coordinate attendance with your Doctoral candidate.