Viewing centers | Schedule and Plan

2015 MIT Commencement Exercises broadcast viewing locations

Viewing centers around campus will show a live video feed, with captions, of the Commencement Exercises.

Please note that Commencement is held outside rain or shine and that Killian Court is an open area with almost no shade. Indoor viewing is an excellent choice for those who may find it difficult to be seated outside for the duration of the ceremony.

For families who have more guests than tickets, the viewing centers provide an option for anyone who would like to see the ceremony live. The viewing centers are open to all.


How to read an MIT address: the number preceding the hyphen is the building number; the first number after the hyphen is the floor; the last two are the room. For example: 1-390 is Building 1, third floor, room 90.

Adjacent to Killian Court:

Building 1: Room 1-390
Building 2: Room 2-105
Building 3: Rooms 3-270, 3-333, 3-370
Building 4: Rooms 4-231, 4-237, 4-270, 4-370
Building 10: Room 10-250 (Huntington Hall)

Short distance from Killian Court:

Building 26: Room 26-100
Building 34: Room 34-101
Building 66: Room 66-110

Short distance from 77 Massachusetts Avenue entrance (west side of campus):

Building W16: Kresge Auditorium and Kresge Little Theater

Stata Center on Vassar Street:

Building 32: Room 32-123 (Kirsch Auditorium)

Tang Center, entrance at the corner of Wadsworth and Amherst Streets (east side of campus):

Building E51: Room E51-115 (Wong Auditorium)

MIT graduation jumbotron
Jumbotron at the Commencement ceremony in Killian Court