Volunteer for Hooding

Sign up to volunteer: Investiture of Doctoral Hoods

Thursday, June 8, 2017

At MIT, candidates for the PhD or ScD receive their Doctoral hoods in a separate ceremony the day before Commencement.

The role of volunteers at the Hooding Ceremony is to

  • Give directions
  • Make conversation with guests
  • Help guests solve problems
  • Assist guests with seating
  • Help guests who need special assistance

We are fortunate every year to find friendly and resourceful MIT people to help make the Hooding Ceremony a fun and festive occasion. We hold a training session earlier in the week to familiarize you with the event logistics.

The ceremony begins at 10 am in the Johnson Athletics Center. Guests begin to arrive hours before the event, so we ask for volunteers between the hours of 7:30 am and 12:00 pm. If you are available even for a portion of the day, please let us know.

Student volunteers: the opportunity to extend your housing until June 10 is available only to those who fulfill the volunteer commitment for Commencement. We would love to have you with us at Hooding, as well, but the housing perk is connected to Commencement.

Questions? Please contact Traci Swartz.

Thank you!