FAQ | Professors


How do I register to participate in Commencement and/or the Hooding Ceremony?
Please complete the registration webform.

Where do I pick up and return my rented regalia?

Information about regalia rental may be found on the regalia and tickets page.

Where is assembly for faculty on Commencement morning?
Faculty are asked to report to the assembly tent on Kresge Oval on Friday, June 9, between 8:45 am and 9:15 am for robing and assembly. Continental breakfast will be available. Further detail about arrangements, including those that pertain to security, will be sent directly to participants by Professor Paul Lagace.

How long are the Commencement Exercises?
The Commencement Exercises, which officially begin as the Academic Procession enters Killian Court at 10 am, conclude at approximately 1:30 pm. The names of graduates are read in alternating order between undergraduates and graduates.

Do I need a ticket to participate in Commencement?
If you are marching in the Commencement procession, you do not need a ticket. Due to the increase over recent years in the number of graduates and their guests at the Exercises, the Commencement Committee regrets that faculty guest tickets will no longer be offered as a matter of course. However, individual faculty requests will be reviewed by Chancellor Eric Grimson—kindly send a note with the pertinent details.

Can I greet a special graduating student at Commencement?
There is limited space for moving on stage during the ceremony, but our faculty marshals work to allow faculty to find a way to greet special students.

Can I leave the stage and return during Commencement?
Faculty are an important part of the greeting during Commencement and are therefore asked to remain on stage. However, if you need to leave, there are stairs off the back of the stage and the faculty marshals can help you leave and return to stage once the actual awarding of degrees begins.

What happens after Commencement?
Graduates, guests, and faculty are invited to the individual School and department receptions held across campus. 

Where do I go to assemble for the Hooding Ceremony?
Faculty are asked to report to Rockwell Cage on the morning of Thursday, June 8, after 9:25 am, but no later than 9:35 pm. Professor Paul Lagace, the Commencement faculty marshal, will assemble faculty in the line of march.

How long is the Hooding Ceremony?
The Hooding Ceremony lasts about 135 minutes. Faculty are asked to remain seated throughout. Thank you.

Who invests the hoods of Doctoral candidates at the Hooding Ceremony?
Either the department head or the department’s representative invests the hoods, along with the chancellor, host of the event.

Further questions? Please send a note to commencement@mit.edu.