Reporting for Commencement | Graduates

Reporting for Commencement

On Commencement Day, all degree recipients must report to their station numbers according to reporting time. In late May, this information will be posted to these pages and emailed to you by the Registrar’s Office. Please be alert to your email at this time.


Security information for degree candidates will be finalized in the weeks leading up to Commencement. Please visit these pages again as the date approaches. It is also helpful to call the the guest security arrangements to the attention of your families and friends so everyone knows what to expect.

Graduate arrival

On the morning of Commencement, you need only your MIT ID and your regalia. You may carry your phone in your pocket. SMALL cross-body personal bags worn under regalia are also ok.
Please remember that it is crucial to report to your station on time—divesting of items not permitted in the procession will delay your check-in. A bottle of water will be under your chair in Killian Court.

Thank you.

Graduate at station on Commencement morning

Graduates reading Commencement program