Tips for an enjoyable day | Guests

Tips for an enjoyable day

For detailed information on what guests need to know, please visit our FAQ. Here are a few tips and highlights:

  • Make sure that your entire party, including your graduating student, is prepared and coordinated. Think about how you will communicate with each other; make sure you have cell phones and watches and maps with meeting points. MIT is a big place. It will be crowded. Clarify your plans and expectations.
  • Be sure your graduate gives you the tickets before Friday morning.
  • In regard to admittance at security, please consider the appearance of some objects, such as keyring tools/accessories, and leave anything that could be perceived as dangerous at home or in your hotel room.
  • Watch the weather, and please read this section in the FAQ for clarification. If it rains, please wear weatherproof clothing with a hood. You may carry an umbrella with you, but open umbrellas are not permitted while guests are seated, as they tend to hurt people and block others’ views. Comfortable shoes that are waterproof and have some traction will be helpful. If it’s hot, wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Water will be available in the court.
  • Killian Court is a beautiful setting for Commencement, but it is flat. Please do not plan on being able to take high quality pictures from the seats. Our section on photography has more detail.
  • Killian Court is a smoke-free environment. Please plan accordingly.

Commencement Day is a special event, one that is personal to each family present. Please know that our primary concern is the comfort and happiness of our graduates and their guests. We provide this information to help you plan, but it is the courtesy that our guests show each other that carries the day. We look forward to celebrating with you.

Killian Court MIT Commencement