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Welcome, families and friends!

A special note to guests of Doctoral candidates: There are changes to the format of this year's ceremonies. Please visit the Doctoral Ceremony pages for more information. Thank you.

The Guest Services Team is always out in Killian Court to help make your day as joyous and memorable as possible. We roam the court all day, helping people settle in and ensuring that all of our guests are as comfortable as can be.

Killian Court in June is a beautiful setting for the Commencement and Investiture of Doctoral Hoods and Degree Conferral ceremonies, with the Great Dome in the background and wonderful landscaping and decorations. However, it is also very flat, which makes it difficult to take photos without blocking other guests’ views. We highly recommend the purchase of professional photos of the diploma presentation. This will allow you to enjoy the ceremony without worrying about missing your photo opportunity or blocking the view of other guests. We keep the stage decorated for about an hour after the ceremony; many families take personal photographs at that point, taking advantage of access to the stage.

Do you know special people who can’t be with us on Commencement Day? Tell them to watch our webcast. The ceremony is broadcast live and will be available online afterward.

The pages in this section of the website are loaded with useful information about what to expect on Commencement weekend. Many details about security and other arrangements are not finalized until close to the date, however, so please plan to visit these pages again as Commencement Day approaches. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact commencement@mit.edu.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Guests wait for procession

Killian Court on Commencement morning

Family poses at Commencement