Commencement 2020: Thank you

Infinite thanks

To the speakers, hosts, musicians, planners, producers, and all who applied mind, hand, and heart to the creation of Commencement 2020.

  • Prof. W. Eric L. Grimson PhD ’80, Chair, Chancellor for Academic Advancement
  • Prof. Mark Bathe ’98 SM ’01 PhD ’04, Department of Biological Engineering
  • Prof. Paula T. Hammond ’84 PhD ’93, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Prof. Michael P. Short ’05 SM ’10 PhD ’10, Department of Nuclear Engineering
  • Nwanacho U. Nwana ’20, Class President
  • Rishi Shah ’20, UA Chief of Staff
  • Peter Su G, GSC President
  • Jamie Brogioli, MIT Alumni Association
  • Mary Callahan, Registrar’s Office
  • Brian Canavan, Registrar’s Office
  • Gayle Gallagher, Executive Officer for Commencement, Institute Events
  • Lawrence Gallagher, Open Learning
  • Victoria Gonin, MIT Alumni Association
  • Ted Johnson, Institute Events
  • Jag Patel, Chancellor’s Office
  • Rebecca Tyler, Institute Events
  • Kristina Kastrinelis, Institute Events, staff to the committee

    Comusica is a participatory music experience featuring the voices of hundreds of 2020 graduates and alumni, stitched together into one of the largest crowd-sourced pieces of music ever undertaken. Read about Comusica in The Boston Globe

    Special thanks to

    • Isaac Chuang, Senior Associate Dean of Digital Learning and Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • Eran Egozy ’95, Professor of the Practice, Music and Theater Arts, MIT
    • Evan Ziporyn, Professor, Music and Theater Arts, MIT

    A collaboration by Music and Theater Arts, the Office of Digital Learning, MIT Video Productions, Resource Development, Arts at MIT, and the Opera of the Future Group at the Media Lab. Details and full list of credits at the Comusica website

    To The Light, To The Flame

    • Published by Takht-e Jamshied Music, BMI
    • Composed by Jamshied Sharifi, ’83, Humanities, for the MIT Wind Ensemble
    • Conducted by Frederick Harris, Jr., Director in Music, MIT Music and Theater Arts

    Director and Editor

    • Jean Dunoyer ’87, Ocean Engineering; Editor and Producer, MIT Video Productions

    Executive Producer

    • Lawrence Gallagher, Senior Producer, MIT Open Learning, MIT Video Productions

    Audio Mixing and Mastering Engineer

    • Jamshied Sharifi

    MIT Wind Ensemble, with MIT Wind Ensemble alumni

    • Frederick E. Harris, Jr., Music Director
    • Kenneth Amis, Assistant Conductor
    • Lori Huberman ’07, Biology and Music
    • Kyle Swanson ’18, Computer Science and Engineering and Mathematics; MEng ’19, Computer Science and Engineering
    • Jessica (Chiafair) Brewer ’05, Mechanical Engineering
    • Lori Huberman ’07, Biology and Music
    • Aba Kpeglo ’21, Chemical Engineering
    • Sophie Poizeau PhD ’13, Materials Science and Engineering
    • Kyle Swanson ’18, Computer Science and Engineering and Mathematics; MEng ’19, Computer Science and Engineering
    • Ha Yun Anna Yoon ’19, Mechanical Engineering
    • Charlotte Wickert ’23, Physics
    • Michelle Kornberg ’20, Mechanical and Ocean Engineering
    • Kevin Sackel PhD ’19, Mathematics
    • Marta (Milan) Schantz ’10, Biological Engineering
    • Dina (Betser) Levitan ’11, Computer Science and Engineering
    • Khek-Khiang (Gary) Chia SM ’08, Chemical Engineering Practice; PhD ’11 Chemical Engineering
    • Lillian Clark ’18, Aerospace Engineering
    • Andy Huang ’13, Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering
    • Evan Kopca, guest musician
    • Stephanie Marzen ’15, Materials Science
    • Adam Rosenfield ’08, Computer Science and Engineering; Mathematics
    • Nanette Wu ’20, Computer Science and Music
    Bass Clarinet and Bb Contrabass Clarinet
    • Eric Mumpower ’96, ’03, Computer Science and Engineering, ’06 MEng Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • Sarah Abraham ’12, Economics, PhD ’18 Economics
    Alto Saxophone
    • Julie Bharucha ’09, Biology
    • Rachel Clary ’12, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
    • Jess Hebert PhD ’19 Biology
    • Rachel Morgan ’18 Aeronautics and Astronautics and Physics, SM ’20 Aeronautics and Astronautics
    Tenor Saxophone
    • Israel Bonilla ’21, Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering
    • Andy Wilds, staff, Music and Theater Arts
    Baritone Saxophone
    • Tina Kambil ’16, Chemical Engineering
    • David Stevens, staff, Music and Theater Arts
    • Maria D’Ambrosio, guest musician
    • Hannah Culbreth, guest musician
    • Scott Stransky ’05, Mathematics with Computer Science, SM ’07 Atmospheric Science
    • Helen Wargelin, guest musician
    • Sterling Chu PhD ’18 Chemistry
    • Alexandra Ferguson PhD candidate, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
    • Miki Hansen ’21, Mechanical Engineering
    • Brian Luster MEng ’20, Civil Engineering
    • Alan Osmundson ’19, Aerospace Engineering
    • Katie Pastore ’10, Chemistry
    • Kevin Costello ’21, Mathematics and Music
    • Matthias Heyne, Postdoctoral Associate, Speech Neural Systems Lab, University of Pittsburgh
    • Laura Koemmpel ’19, Mathematics
    • Aneesh Kumar, guest musician
    • Robyn Smith, guest musician
    Bass Trombone
    • Matthew Abrahamson ’06, Aeronautics and Astronautics, SM ’08 Aeronautics and Astronautics
    • Matthias Heyne, Postdoctoral Associate, Speech Neural Systems Lab, University of Pittsburgh
    • Brandon Allen PhD ’19 Physics; Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
    • Christina Chen ’20, Media Arts and Sciences, Wellesley College
    • Matthias Heyne, Postdoctoral Associate, Speech Neural Systems Lab, University of Pittsburgh
    • Zachary Obsniuk ’20, Music and Mathematics
    • Kenneth Amis, MIT Wind Ensemble Assistant Conductor
    • Pranav Krishna ’23, Computer Science and Engineering, Linguistics and Philosophy
    • Zachary Obsniuk ’20, Music and Mathematics
    String Bass
    • Dominique Hoskin PhD candidate, Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering
    • Jamshied Sharifi ’83, Humanities
    • Charlotte Wickert ’23, Physics
    Timpani and Marimba
    • Simone Ovsey ’10, Management Science and Music
    Suspended Cymbal, Chimes, Vibraphone
    • Andrew Eckel SM ’14 Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, Boston
    Bass Drum and Triangle
    • Tatsuya Daniel ’20, Physics


    • Danielle Allison ’23, Mechanical Engineering
    • Tyler Curry ’21, Materials Science and Engineering
    • Alejandro Diaz ’21, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • Madeleine Kline ’20, Chemistry and Biology
    • Raima Mahmud ’23, Materials Science and Engineering
    • Kelsey Merrill ’22, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • Jack Moore ’20, Computer Science and Engineering
    • Devin Murphy ’22, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • Alberto Naveira ’21, Biological Engineering
    • Raimundo Rodriguez ’20, Mathematics
    • Dylan Sleeper ’21, Computer Science and Engineering
    • Rokas Veitas ’22, Physics
    • Lucy Ward ’23, Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Madeline Wong ’21, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    Chorallaries alumni

    • David Bass, SM ’81 ScD ’83, Chemical Engineering 
    • Andrew Chang ’88, Biology/Life Science
    • Michael Chen ’12 Environmental Engineering, ’14 Civil and Environmental Engineering, PhD ’19 Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Charlene Chuang ’05, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
    • Jamal Elkhader ’13, Physical Biology
    • Susan Hall SM ’82 PhD ’92, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • Yee Kwan “Anna” Lo ’08, Linguistics and Philosophy
    • Richard Perlstein ’78, Architecture
    • Daniel Ottenheimer ’79 SM ’82, Mechanical Engineering
    • Gustavo Nunes Goretkin ’13, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • Emily Wean ’14, Linguistics
    • Minmin Yen ’11, Biological Engineering
    • Aimee Yermish ’88 P ’21, Biology/Life Science


    • MIT Alumni Association, including Amy Davis, Brian Geer, Kate Repantis, and Ally Petrosinelli
    • Lee Corbett, Institute Events
    • Chief John DiFava, MIT Police
    • Jenny Fowler, Communications Initiatives
    • Emer Garland, Communications Initiatives
    • MIT Glass Lab, especially Peter Houk, Phil Bailey, and Jay Connor
    • Malcolm Jones, Institute Events
    • Leila Kinney, Arts Initiatives
    • John Ledbury, MIT Facilities
    • Janine Liberty, Open Learning
    • Joyce Light, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    • MakeMIT
    • John McDonald, Division of Student Life
    • MIT in Minecraft community, especially:
      • Shayna Ahteck ’23, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
      • Rebecca Mae Black, PhD candidate Biological Engineering
      • William Moses ’18, MNG ’17, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
      • Claire McLellan-Cassivi ’23
      • Chris Peterson MS ’13 Comparative Media Studies
    • MIT Museum
    • NASA
    • Sergeant Mary Beth Riley, MIT Police
    • MIT Registrar’s Office
    • Paul Shay, MIT Audio-Visual
    • Traci Swartz, Institute Events
    • Leah Talatinian, Arts at MIT
    • Stephanie Tran, Division of Student Life
    • Victor Park, graphic design
    • 2.009 instructors and students


    Airport Fugue by Guillermo Klein, from Sunnyside Communications Inc. recording “Bienestan” featuring Aaron Goldberg and Guillermo Klein  SSC 1245, 2011.

    Petite Promenade by Magali Souriau, from Fresh Sounds Records recording “The Sound of New York Jazz Underground” featuring The New Talent Jazz Orchestra FSNT 200, 2004.

    One Road by Jamshied Sharifi, from MIT recording “MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble” JAMIT Productions, 1990.



    MIT Video Productions

    • Clayton Hainsworth
    • Rod Lindheim
    • Dawn Morton
    • Joe McMaster
    • Kevin Tierney
    • Barry Pugatch
    • Wes Richardson
    • Tom White
    • Jean Dunoyer
    • Tom Stift
    • Greg Eaton
    • Brigitte Tersek

    Agoos D-zines

    • Peter Agoos
    • Andrew Zamore
    • Mark Herd
    • Alyson Shultz
    • Jim Cassidy

    MIT Emergency Management

    • Suzanne Blake
    • Steven Taddonio

    Pre- and post-show production and direction

    • Lawrence Gallagher, Open Learning