Commencement Committee



James Poterba, Chair; Economics
Jacob Cohen, Sloan School of Management
Nikta Fakhri, Physics
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, Physics
Leslie Kolodziejski, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Leslie Norford, Architecture
John Ochsendorf, Architecture; Civil and Environmental Engineering
Joel Voldman, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Penny Brant, President, Class of 2024
Thomas Kyumwa Kisimbi, GSC representative
Bianca Lepe, GSC Vice President, 2022–2023
AJ Miller, GSC President, 2021–2023
David Spicer, UA President, 2022–2023
Anna Sun, President, Class of 2023


Michael Bishop, School of Science
Brian Canavan, Registrar
Jennifer Donath, Schwarzman College of Computing
Tiera Giurleo, School of Engineering
Ted Johnson, Executive Officer for Commencement, Institute Events
Kristina Kastrinelis, staff to the committee, Institute Events
Kathryn Liede, Office of the President
Elise Perkins-Noel, Alumni Association
Monica Marie Orta, Architecture and Planning
Blanche Staton, Office of the Vice Chancellor
Rebecca Tyler, Institute Events
Tara Walor, MIT Sloan Student Services
Aaron Weinberger, Office of the President
Elizabeth Young, First Year Advising and Academic Programs