Graduates FAQ

About Commencement

The full schedule of 2023 MIT graduation ceremonies is on the Schedule page.

Degree candidates are eligible to attend the OneMIT Commencement Ceremony (for graduates of all programs in all Schools and the College) AND a degree ceremony. Undergraduates cross the stage on Friday, June 2. Recipients of advance degrees cross the stage at their School/College degree ceremonies, which take place between May 31 and June 2.

The OneMIT Commencement Ceremony will take place outdoors in Killian Court except in the case of severe weather. Please communicate this to your family and friends: if it is rainy or cold, they may prefer to watch the webcast, which is open to all and does not require any log-in.


Please visit these pages again in late May 2023 for the most up-to-date security information—Thank you.

There is no graduation rehearsal. Instructions on when, where, and how to report for each ceremony will be emailed to degree candidates directly.

For information on how to obtain a letter of invitation so your family can get visas to visit the US for graduation, please visit the Registrar’s graduation site and scroll down to the “What you need to do” section, third bullet point.

Tickets and photos

Participating degree candidates are eligible for four (4) guest tickets to the OneMIT Commencement Ceremony. Participating Bachelor’s degree candidates are eligible for four (4) guest tickets for the Undergraduate Ceremony. Guest ticket information for the Advanced Degree Ceremonies will be found on the individual School/College ceremony pages.

Tickets are distributed late in May to participating degree candidates.

Note: Tickets for MIT Commencement ceremonies may not be bought or sold under any circumstances.

A ticket is required for all those ages three (3) and older. Babies and children ages two (2) and under do not need tickets.

As your guest exits the venue, the electronic ticket will be scanned out. When the guest returns, the same ticket may be presented to be scanned back in.

There are no extra tickets available for the OneMIT Ceremony, Undergraduate Ceremony, or Advanced Degree Ceremonies. If you have more family members than tickets, we recommend checking with friends who may have tickets they do not expect to use. While tickets to MIT ceremonies may not be bought or sold under any circumstances, we encourage graduating students to share with one another. Electronic tickets are transferable.

Graduation ceremonies will be webcast, which is open to all and does not require any log-in.

In addition, on-campus, indoor viewing locations will be available during the OneMIT Ceremony and the Undergraduate Ceremony. These venues are an excellent option for guests who either prefer to sit indoors or do not have tickets to enter the ceremony venue. No tickets are required for the indoor viewing locations; seating is open. The indoor viewing locations will be posted at the end of May 2023.

Visit the GradImages website to view and purchase custom photo products like prints, plaques, specialty gifts, and more.

Pre-order your graduation photos (until 11:59 p.m. the night before your ceremony) to save 20% on orders of $50 or more.

If have any questions or concerns regarding your photos, please contact GradImages Customer Service Department at (800) 261-2576, on their website, or email

*MIT Sloan advanced degree candidates: please consult your program managers for details on ordering photos from your ceremonies.

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Pre-order your graduation photos (until 11:59 p.m. the night before your ceremony) to save 20% on orders of $50 or more.


All graduates participating in the 2023 MIT Commencement ceremonies must wear academic regalia (cap and gown). If you own a cap and gown already or have the option to borrow regalia from a friend, you will be able to indicate that on the online form, which becomes available in the spring.

Those in active military service may wear the prescribed dress uniform instead of academic regalia, as may Air Force, Army, Marine, and Navy ROTC candidates who have spoken with their respective commanders and been given the correct rank to wear with their service dress.

PhD/ScD candidates, please note that you do not need to order your Doctoral will be presented to you at your School/College ceremony.

Air Force, Army, Marine, and Navy ROTC candidates may wear the prescribed dress uniform instead of academic regalia, provided they have spoken with their respective commanders and have been given the correct rank to wear with their service dress. Active service members may wear the prescribed dress uniform.

Doctoral candidates will be given their academic hoods by MIT—it is not necessary to order the hood with the rest of the regalia. Please remain alert to these pages and to notifications regarding arrangements for the Advanced Degree Ceremony in your area.

Because you will be walking around campus, it's always wise to dress for the outdoor conditions and the need to walk on pavement and grass. The OneMIT Ceremony will be held OUTSIDE (except in the case of severe weather).

In case of rain, we recommend not unwrapping and putting on your regalia until you arrive at your ceremony’s assembly area: if necessary, you will be given a poncho to wear over your clothing and under your regalia. This is best accomplished if your gown is clean and dry to start.


To reserve seating in the Disabilities sections, please complete the online request form. Please do this as soon as possible: seating is limited in these accessible sections. Questions may be directed to Disability and Access Services at 617-253-1674 or email

The person with the disability does not have to sit alone. Your entire party may sit together in the Disabilities sections. All graduates receive the same number of tickets, regardless of section.

Yes, devices are available at event venues. Please see us there or call ahead 617-253-2808 if you have further questions. 

That is fine! And thank you for considering your needs carefully. When you submit the Accessible Seating request form, please include details in the text box.

There is no standing allowed in these sections, since that would obstruct the view of those unable to stand. Please consider this carefully as you determine whether these sections are appropriate for your family.

If you think that your family member will need a wheelchair for the entire day, we recommend that you rent one. Please see the accessibility page for suggestions of wheelchair rental companies.

Service animals are always welcome at MIT. If you are requesting tickets for the Disabilities sections, it is helpful, though not essential, to let us know at that time that your family will be accompanied by a service animal. Reminder: no other pets of any size will be permitted inside the event venues.

We recommend first calling the accessible Cambridge Taxi program at 866-654-1003. Other area companies include: Ambassador Cab 617-492-1100, Checker Cab of Cambridge 617-497-9000, and Top/City Cab of Boston 617-536-5100. 

First aid

Personnel from MIT’s Medical Department will staff a Medical Station. Graduates and guests requiring onsite first aid are welcome to visit as needed. Emergency and ambulance services will be on call and onsite and can be activated by any of the Commencement staff.

If you anticipate a need for local medical support during the graduation festivities, please contact the MIT Medical Department ahead of time to let us know how we can help (617) 253-7625.


All graduating students are eligible to receive a digital version of their diploma at no cost. Look out for an email from the Registrar’s Office inviting you to download the Blockcerts Wallet app on your mobile device and add MIT as an issuer. You must complete these steps before Thursday, June 1 to ensure that you receive your digital diploma for Commencement. Learn more about digital diplomas.

Please also note the following:

  • Digital diplomas are not a replacement for MIT’s traditional paper diploma. Everyone will also receive a physical diploma.