Graduates throwing the caps into the air

Thank you!

The MIT Commencement Committee acknowledges with infinite thanks our musicians, readers, marshals, event staff and producers, campus partners, and all those who made the 2023 celebrations possible.

Readers of recipient names

Glen A. Comiso, Office of the President
Sarah Eusden Gallop, Office of Government and Community Relations
Todd S. Glickman, Office of Corporate Relations
Steven Lanou, Office of Sustainability
Monica Lee, Campus Services & Stewardship
Judith E. Robinson, Office of the Dean for Student Life
Martha Eddison Sieniewicz, Office of the President
Jaren Wilcoxson, Office of the General Counsel

Advanced degree ceremony coordinators

Michael Bishop, School of Science
Jennifer Donath, MIT Schwarzman College of Computing
Tia Guirleo, School of Engineering
Natalia Nazarenko-Georgieva, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Monica Orta, School of Architecture and Planning
Tara Walor, MIT Sloan School of Management

Musical performance during the Undergraduate Ceremony


Shelly Choi ’23


Anna Arazi

Assistant Marshals

Kim Benard, Office of Career Advising and Professional Development
Leslie Bottari, Undergraduate Advising Center
Gustavo Burkett, Office of the Dean for Student Life
Don Camelio, Student Support Services
Paula Cogliano, Global Studies and Languages
Lisa Desforge, Department of Economics
Jimmy Doan, Office of Student Wellbeing
Regina Dugan, Office of the General Counsel
Ray Feller, Student Support Services
Janet Fischer, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Leah Flynn Gallant, Talent Development Consultant and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer
Christine Graham, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy
J. Alex Hoyt, Undergraduate Advising Center
Somiya Kalloo, Office of Minority Education
Kate McCarthy, Student Support and Wellbeing
Paul Murphy, Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement
David Randall, Student Support and Wellbeing
Michael Santoro, Undergraduate Advising Center
Stephen Slivan ’84 SM ’86 ’89 SM ’89 PhD ’95,  Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Elizabeth Young, First Year Advising and Programs

The Chorallaries of MIT

Danielle Allison ’23
Gina Altaras ’98
Sarah Cao ’26
Kim Lesly Hunter ’86
Henri Jackson
Elissa Lee ’98
Katherine Lin ’25
Kathy Lindsay ’85
John Magira ’25
Raima Mahmud ’23
Alberto Naveira ’23
Dan Ottenheimer ’79 SM ’82 
Alejandro Reyes ’26
Zen Ho Sang ’25
Jessica Shoemaker ’26
Lee Tatistcheff ’85
Reidyn Wingate ’25
Aimee Yermish ’88

Partners and producers

Agoos D-zines
Campus Activities Complex
Communications Initiatives
Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Department of Facilities
Department of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation
Division of Student Life
Gourmet Catering
Information Systems & Technology
MIT Alumni Association
MIT Audiovisual Services
MIT Conference Services
MIT Emergency Management
MIT Human Resources
MIT Medical
MIT Music and Theater Arts
MIT News
MIT Police
MIT Police Honor Guard
MIT Resource Development
MIT Video Productions
Office of the Chancellor
Office of the First Year
Office of the President
Radius Event Design
Registrar’s Office
Winbrook Promotions

Killian Court Brass Ensemble


Andrew Kozar
Jesse Levine
Dana Russian
Kyle Spraker

French Horns

Frederick Aldrich
Whit Hill


Gregory Spiridopoulas
Angel Subero


Peter Cirelli


Austin Comerford


Abraham Finch


Kenneth Amis