Parking, Shuttles, Road Closures

MIT Police lead the Commencement Procession on Massachusetts Avenue; photo: Jake Belcher

Parking at MIT

The Commencement 2023 celebrations are scheduled for June 1 and 2. Details for next season will be posted as they become available.

Please note: On-campus parking is extremely limited. We urge ceremony attendees to plan ahead for the likelihood of the garage being full when you arrive on campus. ⇒Review public parking options

Guests may be dropped off at on-campus ceremony venues, including the entrance to Killian Court and Briggs Field (250 Vassar St, across from Simmons Hall.)

Disabled parking

Limited parking is available to holders of state-issued disabled placards ONLY. If you do not have a state-issued permit, you may drop members of your party at the ceremony venue before proceeding to park at another location.

Members of the MIT community who drive to campus should review the Campus Community section for any changes that are in effect during Commencement time.