Graduates in Killian Court

All graduates participating in Commencement 2022 ceremonies are eligible to receive up to four (4) guest tickets for the OneMIT Ceremony in Killian Court.

See schedule.

Obtaining electronic tickets

Graduating students: you may now

  • Pick up important information regarding the OneMIT Ceremony and the Undergraduate Ceremony
  • LOG IN to the adMIT One system and obtain the ceremony tickets for which you are eligible. You will get an email (coming from Audience View: check your spam box) confirmation with PDFs of your tickets, which you can choose also to receive by text. You will be able forward the ticket PDFs to your guests, who may either show them on a mobile device or print them for scanning at the door. You will receive separate tickets for each event.

NEW for 2022: Graduates attending the OneMIT Ceremony and/or the Undergraduate Ceremony need personal tickets to enter the venues. Be sure to obtain those when you get your guest tickets.

NOTE: Advanced degree candidates in the Sloan School of Management should consult their program managers regarding tickets for those ceremonies.

  • You will be eligible to receive up to four (4) electronic guest tickets: remember to forward them to your guests. If you lose the email, you may always return to the system to obtain the same tickets again.
  • Tickets will be scanned on arrival. Attendees may present the electronic ticket or a printed PDF.
  • Tickets are transferable: if you have an extra ticket, you may share it with a friend.
  • Tickets are required for attendees three (3) years of age and older. Babies and children ages two (2) years and younger do not need tickets.
  • If you do not see tickets available in the system, you might not have filled out the regalia form to indicate your plan.
  • If you are on the degree list and participating, you will get your tickets. Do not worry about tickets “selling out.”
  • For assistance with ticket issues, please contact

Tickets for MIT Commencement ceremonies may not be bought or sold under any circumstances.

Viewing locations

On-campus, indoor viewing locations will be available during the OneMIT Ceremony, the Undergraduate Ceremony, and the Special Ceremony for the Classes of 2020 and 2021. These venues are an excellent option for guests who either prefer to sit indoors or do not have tickets to enter the ceremony venue. No tickets are required for the indoor viewing locations; seating is open. The locations for Friday and Saturday are listed below. Please note rooms differ on each day. 

Friday, May 27, 2022 Saturday, May 28, 2022
Building 1: 1-246, 1-273 Building 1: 1-246, 1-273
Building 2: 2-105, 2-131, 2-151, 2-190 Building 2: 2-135, 2-139, 2-143, 2-147, 2-151
Building 3: 3-270, 3-333, 3-370 Building 3: 3-270, 3-333, 3-370
Building 4: 4-231, 4-237, 4-270, 4-370 Building 4: 4-231, 4-237, 4-270, 4-370
Building 6: 6-120 Building 6: 6-120
Building 10: 10-250 Building 10: 10-250
Building 26: 26-100 Building 26: 26-100
Building 32: 32-123 (Kirsch Auditorium) Building 32: 32-123 (Kirsch Auditorium)
Building 34: 34-101 Building 34: 34-101
W16: Swraj Paul Theatre at Kresge Auditorium and Little Theatre

MIT will welcome the Classes of 2020 and 2021 to campus for a special celebration on Saturday, May 28, 2022! More information