Plan for Graduation

Image of the audience watching the academic procession make its way into Killian Court.

For detailed information, please see the guest FAQ. A few tips and highlights:

  • Make sure that your entire party, including your graduating student, is prepared and coordinated. Think about how you will communicate with each other; make sure you have mobile phones and maps with meeting points. MIT is a big place. It will be crowded. Clarify your plans and expectations.
  • Be sure you communicate with your graduate about tickets.
  • In regard to security, please consider the appearance of some objects, such as key ring tools/accessories, and leave anything that could be perceived as dangerous at home or in your hotel room. Security arrangements are finalized in the days leading up to graduation: we recommend visiting the Security page for the most up-to-date information.
  • Watch (and dress for) the weather! Outdoor ceremonies will be held outdoors unless conditions are dangerous. If it rains, please wear weatherproof clothing with a hood. Comfortable shoes that are waterproof and have some traction will be helpful. If it’s hot, wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Water will be available. You may carry an umbrella with you, but open umbrellas are not permitted while guests are seated, as they tend to hurt people and block others’ views.
  • Ceremony venues are smoke-free environments. Please plan accordingly.

The Commencement ceremonies are celebratory events honoring significant academic achievement. Our primary concerns are the safety of our community and guests and the ability of all to enjoy the festivities at graduation time. The MIT guidance on free expression at campus events recognizes that such expression is essential to the Institute’s mission, while not being permitted to unreasonably interfere with or disrupt Institute events, programs, activities, academics, research, or operations.

Graduation is a special event, one that is personal to each family present. We look forward to celebrating with you.